Happy Holidays 2021!


Happy Holidays 2021!

Happy Holidays from Clive and the team at 3DCentre!

Thank you for showing support for the 3DCentre, the new non-profit founded by Clive Stafford Smith, which is now coming to the end of a successful pilot year. We just want to highlight some of the exciting work we’ve been able to achieve, as well as share our plans for next year!

Our work this year

3DC welcomed the first cohort of apprentices, who each gained experience of campaigning whilst developing their “life plans” with mentoring to help identify a career path that matches their passions and talents.

60+ cases have been assigned to volunteers at Stage 4 of the Post Mortem Project, which explores cases where individuals may have been innocent of the crimes for which they were executed. Outputs in the form of documentaries are now being released.

Investigations have progressed in Clive’s 28-year battle to free Kris Maharaj, a man imprisoned in Florida for a crime he did not commit. Over the holidays new evidence is emerging linking one of the true killers to the 1969 murder of Muriel McKay.

A successful Crowdfunder campaign has raised funds to continue the work to #FreeKrisMaharaj. Free updated chapters of Injustice by Clive have been released and Audible have created a six-part “Abuse of Power” podcast series about Kris.

With over 114,000 books collected and just under $250,000 crowdfunded, bookseller Samir Mansour has almost finished rebuilding and restocking his beloved bookshop-cum-library in Gaza, which was destroyed by airstrikes in May 2021.

3DC held a mock trial of Richard Drax MP – accused of “benefitting from the proceeds of slavery” – as part of the Generation on Trial campaign, in which the younger generation puts members of the older generation “on trial” for the ways they have messed up the world they are inheriting.

3DC apprentices are working to discredit “Shaken Baby Syndrome”, a pseudo-scientific theory which has led to the wrongful conviction of potentially hundreds of parents and carers. Their work will be published to coincide with a Channel 4 series in January.

Bilal Abdul Kareem continues to search for the truth behind being put on his own government’s kill list. A number of 3DC apprentices helped to develop his petition to the US Supreme Court. While this was ultimately denied, the battle continues.

Assisted by 3DC apprentices, Clive continues to represent a number of clients still languishing in Guantánamo Bay. Four are slated to be released soon.

board of trustees now oversees all 3DC activities and a number of patrons, each of whom has suffered the injustices 3DC hopes to confront, have been appointed.

Our plans for next year

A number of apprentices will travel to the US to further their investigations into their Post Mortem Project cases. More documentaries and podcasts will be forthcoming.

Kris Maharaj’s case is in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. If that fails we will be headed to the US Supreme Court to challenge the decision in Herrera v Collins, which in effect established the rule that mere innocence is not sufficient grounds to overturn a conviction.

We intend to hold more Generation on Trial events. Apprentices have their sights locked on a number of proposed defendants and preparation for their mock trials has begun.

A group of 40 volunteer mentors will be mobilised to scale up 3DC’s outreach in schools.

We are developing relationships with student-led UK university law societies to spread the 3DC ethos that encourages students to consider alternative routes into the legal profession and create non-profit jobs that match their passions and talents.

Apprenticeship opportunities will be advertised in Spring 2022.

We are appointing a supervising solicitor to oversee the apprenticeships, who will approve all eligible work experience to count towards achieving qualified solicitor status.

4 Guantánamo Bay clients have been cleared for release. We hope to see them returned to their families over the holidays. Many have been creating works of art whilst in detention, and Ahmed Rabbani’s will be showcased in a public exhibition supported by the Pakistan government in March 2022.


It has been a busy year at 3DC and we have lots of exciting plans for 2022! We hope that you will continue to join us on this journey.

If you would like to send a message of support to any of our clients, please send it to info@3dc.org.uk.

Happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year,

Clive and the team at 3DC.