YT headshot

YingThong Pang – Third Year Law Student

I worked on quite a few projects during my 3DC internship, my favourite being researching the case of Muriel McKay. I summarised and annotated a book about the McKay case focused specifically on how the police and media handled the situation. It was a high profile case surrounded by mystery as there was never any definite conclusion, which made it stand out on its own. I had no prior knowledge about the case but since working on the project I’ve done my own research outside the project to find out more as it was very interesting.

I also participated in the weekly meetings run by Clive every week. The session on Shaken Baby Syndrome stuck with me the most as it really challenged my view on expert witnesses and medical professionals. I’ve never really thought about whether expert witnesses have their own biases and interests when testifying, or questioned healthcare experts when they claim a certain theory was true until the session.

After graduating from university I would like to work as a UK criminal defence barrister for a few years to gain experience and then apply to work in the International Criminal Court as an advocate. In 15 years’ time, I hope to move to the US and practice law there. The sessions on court procedures in America were very useful and I’ll definitely keep in mind the advice given when dealing with American judges and juries. The internship has also helped me see that I have more options than I think in terms of career paths.