Valentina Garcia – Third Year Law Student

I was very lost when I joined the programme. I had completed several work experiences in different areas that I did not enjoy, but everyone around me was doing them so it felt like the right thing to do. I came to the realisation I was on the wrong path, when I got rejected from an application I made and I felt relieved. Then, I decided to take full control of my career and started looking for opportunities in human rights and found Clive’s programme.

My favourite project was researching and building a case bundle for Tookie Williams – one of the Post Mortem cases. I learnt so much – not just in terms of skills, it was the first time I was preparing a case bundle, but also about the realities of the American system. The way people are killed, the discriminatory aspect attached to it, and its implementation as a political tool.  Another highlight of the internship was the weekly meetings delivered by Clive. I really liked the forensic evidence one, where Clive basically disproved all highly regarded ‘scientific’ methods, and that was fun. But one I found incredibly helpful was the one dedicated to language and persuasion, and the idea that every case should have an aphorism. I think that is something I am going to take on board for the rest of my career.

Furthermore, I enjoyed the confidence-building exercise Clive does with all his mentees, where everything is possible if you work hard enough for it. Dreams and aspirations are only as low as your imagination can take you. Despite being incredibly busy, Clive always had time to answer an email or arrange a call whenever it was needed. I now feel more confident and determined that my dream job is possible because the 3DC internship has given me the necessary tools to create it.

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