Neirin Gray Desai – Journalism Masters Student

I saw Clive’s name come up in coverage of the Julian Assange extradition hearing at the Old Bailey in 2020, and emailed him to ask if there was any work I could help him with. I worked on a couple of Post Mortem Project cases, and later traveled to Alabama to research the case of Nate Woods. In Alabama, I learned how to interview jury members, relatives of victims and witnesses professionally and respectfully. This was a life-changing experience in which I met people from entirely new walks of life, shifting my outlooks and perspectives enormously.

I started working with Clive three months or so after graduating with an engineering degree from Imperial College. I knew at the time that a career in engineering lacked the humanitarian importance I was seeking. I wanted to work in a field that would enable me to better other people’s lives in a tangible way, but had a limited vision of how that might actually be achieved.

Working with Clive/3DC gave me the confidence to pursue a career in journalism without regret or a sense that I am unqualified to do so. The experience I gained by taking part in the 3DC internship eliminated any prior sense that I was not cut out to make contributions towards important causes. I now know that I would like to work as a journalist covering stories of human rights abuses and injustices.

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