Morgan Buckley – Third Year Law Student

I participated in a number of projects as part of the 3DC summer internship. My favourite project was the Gaza Bookshop Project, in which I was tasked with theorising ways in which the team could bring in 10,000+ books on a boat to breach the blockade of Gaza, making a political statement about Israeli occupation of Gaza. This project really encouraged me to think outside the box which is a skill I rarely employ at law school. Also, the project concerned a topic that I feel genuinely passionate about, and I have been a lot more involved in campaigning since this project.

I also took part in the LUSH Student Loans Project, in which my team looked at the Dearing Report and discussed the ways in which a whole generation of politicians, executives, and heads of educational institutions had profited from the privatisation of our university education. I took a particular interest in envisioning the ways in which LUSH could implement the campaign around various university towns and cities.

Before participating in the internship, I had no specific career aspirations aside from a general interest in human rights. I was very nervous because a lot of people I spoke to at law school were applying for training contracts or pupillages, but I knew that I was not interested in those routes into a legal career. Now, I can see a lot more opportunities that align with my interests and principles much more. In the future, I would like to represent clients in immigration detention camps and organise campaign groups to push for long term change to legal aid for non-asylum immigrants.

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