Kate Cannon – Second Year Law Student

I was familiar with Clive’s work before commencing my internship, however I first learned about 3DC through my university. Before participating in the internship, I felt very uncertain – both in terms of doubts of my capabilities in general, as well as my ability to secure work experience and further education due to my financial situation. Working with Clive has given me confidence in my own abilities which is something I do struggle with, and has really confirmed that human rights is the field for me.

Prior to working with Clive, my career planning hadn’t gone further than an idea that I wanted to work in human rights. Clive’s guidance has really helped me change my perspective with the idea that we really can create our own jobs. Something else that I found really inspiring was choosing a specific area of human rights from our own experience. I had this lightbulb moment where I went from not being too sure where I wanted to focus, to looking at my own life experience and the answers were already there.

I did not expect to have the level of support and guidance that I did from Clive. He clearly cares about his interns and our careers. Clive was available for regular meetings to chat about my life plan homework and he provided a framework for creating a specific job which I have kept to continually work on. If anyone had the chance to have him as a mentor, I would recommend it in a heartbeat. This internship has been the most inspiring and useful experience I have had throughout my degree.

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