Jeante Nero – Second Year Law Student

I applied for the 3DC internship through my university’s career service. As part of the internship, I worked on a US Supreme Court case involving assassination – going through hundreds of cases to find discrepancies in judicial rulings that could be used to undermine the legitimacy of past arguments used by the court. This project was hard work, but it was really exciting being a part of something so major. It also reaffirmed my own competence. At the beginning I had no idea what I was doing, but by the end I felt much more assured of my ability to handle it. I’m hoping to go to Florida next year to investigate a Post Mortem case I worked on during the internship.

I also really loved the weekly meetings with Clive. They were truly the highlight of my week. The most memorable discussion is probably the one on mental health, and how certain conditions have inappropriately been medicalized and are actually just idiosyncrasies. I feel immeasurably more informed not just about my future or law, but the world. I’ve left the internship with a new perspective.

Before working with 3DC, I had a general idea about my career aspirations, but I was conflicted – the classic conflict between how well I would like to live in the future and how I could attain that whilst helping others. One of the biggest revelations I had during the internship was that you don’t need that much money to ‘live well’. The internship also made me realise I really can do whatever I would like, and make my career look however I want.

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