Emily Girvan-Dutton – 3rd Year Law Student

During my internship, my work revolved solely around Shaken Baby Syndrome (“SBS”) and the legal injustices it produces globally, with a particular focus on the UK’s shameful use of unproven scientific evidence to wrongfully imprison, or have children taken away from, their parents. This gave me the opportunity to work closely with Dr Waney Squier, a doctor initially struck off for bringing attention to SBS’s lack of evidential foundation who has since dedicated her career to highlighting its injustice. Almost seven months of research culminated in a published report exposing SBS’s falsity and the UK legal system’s inability to recognise this.

I have always aspired to a barrister career but working with Clive has dramatically transformed my aspiration. Although I still wish to pursue the Bar, my interests have taken on a new international dimension and it has shown me how real justice comes from doing work like Clive’s and not, necessarily, in the courtroom.

I have gained so much from this internship. From Clive’s slightly wacky anecdotes to his somehow inhuman ability to manage hundreds of projects in multiple countries all at once but still have time to talk and share ideas with you, he was a real inspiration to work alongside. I am hoping to continue my work with 3DC by fundraising to travel to Mississippi to aid the appeal team of a woman currently serving a life sentence thanks to a since disproven SBS diagnosis. Clive has taught me that, no matter what challenge I face personally or professionally, there is always a solution. Even if that involves a papier-mâché camel.

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