Ella Kennedy – Bar Course Student

I was involved in a number of projects during my time as a 3DC apprentice, my favourite of which was Generation on Trial. I acted as a member of Richard Drax MP’s counsel, defending him from the charge of benefitting from the proceeds of slavery. The experience of defending someone who I did not agree with on a personal level developed vital skills which I will take with me into my career. I had so much fun working on this project and I was really proud of how it all came together.
Going forward, I intend to remain involved with 3DC. I’m currently working as a member of the fundraising team, helping to secure donations to fund future projects and the charity as a whole. I am also planning on spending some time in Florida next summer, continuing research into a case I have been working on as part of the Post Mortem Project. If this research contributed even in some tiny way to the fight against the death penalty, I would be immensely pleased.
Working with Clive has had a profound impact on my beliefs – particularly about the criminal justice system – and has encouraged me to use radical ideas to challenge the status quo. Clive is immensely inspiring and this internship has given me the confidence to do whatever I want with my future, so long as it involves sticking it to The Man in one way or another.

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