Clara Douglas, Cambridge University Law Student

My journey with Clive began long before 3DC was established when he visited my sixth form and discussed censorship inside Guantanamo Bay. He encouraged students to produce work based on art created by detainees, and it made me realise that young people could get involved with law and politics in both professional and creative ways. This blend of creativity and world changing ideas encouraged me to expand my perceptions of being a lawyer, not only as an advocate for justice but also a storyteller and try to capture people imaginations. I believe this is what the 3dc empowers young people to do.

Through 3DC I have been involved with a number of projects.  The first was the Mock Trial of Richard Drax MP that explored my local community’s historical ties to slavery and experimented with a new form of political accountability in the form of a legal trial. This was a fantastic opportunity to hone my public speaking and speech crafting skills but also taught me how to carry out research and communicate with experts. I am immensely proud of how the trial engaged the young jury in discussions about the British Empire and contemporary politics. Also, it was valuable to hear about what young people expect from their MPs (and it is safe to say Drax fell short of the mark).

In addition to this I am working on a long-term comparative project on the procedural and evidential systems of the UK and USA. Through contacts made via 3DC’s network I have enjoyed the opportunity of observing and contributing to a legal case in Missouri over zoom, and during the summer I hope to get some experience of legal fieldwork in Alabama.  I will be participating in the Post Mortem Project , researching individuals who were executed as a result of wrongful conviction. The first case I will work on is that of Freddie Wright who we believe was unjustly executed and I look forward to telling his story and redeeming his character.

In the future I hope to complete my law degree at the University of Cambridge and study law at Columbia Law School so I can become a US attorney.