Claire Neil – Human Rights LLM Graduate & Volunteer Project Manager (Post Mortem)


During my time working with 3DC, I did a lot of online research into a number of cases for the Post Mortem Project, collating this information to make a Case Theory Memo. I loved working on this project, as a huge fan of true crime documentaries I felt like I was watching one of them and finding out loads of information. It was really inspiring knowing that this information was going to be used in the future for the project.

I also found the “life planning homework” really interesting. It really helped me accept that it’s okay to not have a super detailed plan about my future, and that I don’t have to take a specific route to do what I want to do – something I’ve never been told throughout my time in the education system! Prior to taking part in the internship, I felt very apprehensive and definitely very lost about my future. I’d spent a lot of time looking into corporate law firms and realised it really didn’t interest me at all. Having spent some time volunteering in Calais for refugees and writing lots of essays on women’s rights within the law I knew a future in human rights suited me much more.

I now feel much more secure about my future. I feel as though I’ll be able to access so many
opportunities which I couldn’t even imagine before. I’m also confident that I won’t have to follow a traditional legal path which I was concerned about prior to having mentoring with Clive. Now I’ve finished my human rights masters my plan is to volunteer with 3DC and a few charities in my area before going to Missouri to continue my work on the Post Mortem Project for 3 months in 2022.

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