Chris Walters – First Year Law Student

I got in contact with Clive by responding to a tweet of his asking for a volunteer researcher on a Guantanamo Bay case he was working on. I found the project so interesting, alarming, and invigorating; it validated everything I felt I wanted to do with my life. When Clive suggested I become involved with 3DC I jumped at the opportunity.

I then became involved in the Post Mortem Project, researching Maurice Byrd’s case. I spent a long time searching through old online newspapers, looking for articles, and reading books on the case. I later crowdfunded several thousand pounds which I will use to travel to the US next year to continue my research. Working on this project was incredible and devastating and inspiring. It further cemented my beliefs of ending the death penalty and reforming the criminal justice system.

3DC also had a significant influence on my broader career plans. I have a background in prison reform and community organisation but two years ago, after moving cities, I only had the vague idea that I wanted to continue to do good. My future felt uncertain, I didn’t have a university degree or a college diploma, and I was overwhelmed. Clive and 3DC inspired me, believed in me, and encouraged me to pursue a law degree. I’m now in my first year studying law at university. I intend to use my law degree to continue to fight against global Human Rights abuses.

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