Chiyedza Zunzanyika – Second Year Law Student

I got involved with 3DC through following the application process for their summer internship programme. As part of this internship, I actively participated in weekly meetings with Clive, which revolved around various topics like the death penalty, religion in courts and evidence. I thoroughly enjoyed these discussions because of how much they exposed flaws in the criminal justice system. Our weekly discussions also forced me to reconsider positions I previously held.

I also had the opportunity to work on several projects over the summer. My favourite one was the Post Mortem Project. I researched the case of Carlos DeLuna by going through a variety of news articles, police reports, public reports and case documents from the 1970s-1990s, as well as watching a documentary and reading a biography. The project was both fascinating and stressful, and it became particularly challenging when I had to evaluate how unjust, cruel, racist and absurd the criminal justice system could be to an individual who was completely innocent. Nevertheless, it was very rewarding knowing that this contribution would be a part of a bigger, more substantial movement to end the death penalty in the United States.

The 3DC internship allowed me to reflect on the possibility of not working as a corporate solicitor (which is something that is highly encouraged and promoted in university). I started to think about starting and finding the funds for my own organisation/charity.

In 5 years’ time, I plan on leading some kind of organisation or program aimed at improving access to good quality education for black students, combating the school to prison pipeline and re-evaluating options for young black convicts in the UK and United States.

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