Ben Sheridan – A-Level Student

I reached out to Clive by enquiring about participating in his mentorship programme, and got the opportunity to work on two projects as a 3DC apprentice. Firstly, I developed a mock school constitution by researching the relative benefits and weaknesses of historical and current constitutions, and then applying this research to come up with a future-proofed constitution that was adapted to the needs of a school. I found the research stage fascinating, and when drafting the mock constitution I felt as if I were in the same shoes as, say, James Madison.

Secondly, I participated in the mock trial of Richard Drax MP – drafting an opening statement, performing voir dire, and preparing cross-examination. The project was hugely rewarding; speaking in front of a jury was very enjoyable and I found it fascinating to be involved in a process of considering what should be done to hold key people in society to account. The trial was a brilliant experience that did not simply reinforce my desire to study law but instilled new enthusiasm for doing so.

I am currently completing my A-Levels and applying to university to study law. The 3DC internship has given me the reassurance that it is possible to pursue a not-for-profit career in law, and I intend to pursue a rewarding career in law that helps people in meaningful ways.

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