Astrid Parrett – 2nd Year Law Student

I first heard about Clive when he first came to my sixth form about three years ago to do a presentation on what he does as a human rights lawyer. Then, during the first lockdown, I emailed him to ask if I would be able to do any work for him, leading to me doing some research on the War on Drugs. Since then, I have worked on two main projects with 3DC.

First, I was one of the prosecutors in the mock trial of Richard Drax. I was in charge of looking at Drax’s treatment towards his constituents and questionable views of his! On the day of the trial, I did a lot of the questioning on the stand. This was particularly important for me – I had problems with my speech growing up, and this experience boosted my confidence. The project was also personal to me as being one of his constituents and I felt like there was finally an opportunity for young people to have a voice.

Second, I am working on the Shaken Baby Syndrome project. During the summer, I created a database with loads of cases where people have been accused of shaking babies. The purpose of the database is to see if there is a pattern among who is testifying and the types of people who are accused. Hopefully, I will be going to the US next summer for this project to meet Tasha Shelby, a woman who was convicted of capital murder on the basis of shaken baby syndrome. 

During the internship, I started to find out what I was particularly interested in which is young people and women in the criminal justice system after conducting the Shaken Baby Syndrome project. In the future, my dream is to be a human rights lawyer and have a well-established NGO.

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