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Apprentices travelling to the US in 2022

In the summer of 2022, several of our apprentices will travel to the US to work on projects for 3DC.  Some will continue work on the Post Mortem Campaign, to research and document the cases of innocence among those put to death in the US since 1977.  Others will be working to secure justice for Tasha Shelby, wrongfully convicted of the ‘Shaken Baby’ murder of her stepson. They are all crowdfunding to raise funds for their travel. See their individual profiles below for further information.

2021 Apprentices

Morgan Buckley

It was incredibly rewarding. I feel like I learned a lot about the structural violence against people who are presumed guilty before they even enter the courtroom.

Kate Cannon

To work on a case has been so eye opening and inspiring, and it’s given me confidence in my own abilities and confirmed that this is the field for me

Valentina Garcia

The whole experience was highly educational. I developed my research skills, writing skills, and organisation skills.

Jeante Nero

Too often we are limited by what we think a ‘career’ should look like, but after the internship I realised I can make my career look however I want.

Ben Sheridan

The project was hugely rewarding. It gave me a fascinating insight into the functions of a trial.

YingThong Pang

It was fun discussing and coming up with new ideas with the group for the campaign

Chiyedza Zunzankiya

I really enjoyed working on this project, especially because it was a campaign that focused on an issue directly affecting millions of students around the world.

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