Today, the need for young people to be empowered to build a different future has never been greater.  Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg have demonstrated that revolution can be driven by the inspiration of just one young person. However, Malala and Greta are outliers. What we need is a pipeline to provide our passionate and promising young people a pathway to the levers of power. 3DC provides that “door-opening” function with a specific justice, advocacy and fundraising focus. We do this through our Apprenticeship and Mentoring program.
Last updated: 13th January 2022


We coach young people from state schools to help them identify the intersection of their passion and their talent (what educator the late Sir Ken Robinson called a person’s “element”)


We provide both in-house and remote 3DC apprenticeships for young people who want to change the world, working on 3DC’s Cases and Campaigns.


We support apprentices to design and launch their own third sector projects in the areas of human rights and social justice.  They resource their project by running a Crowdfunder campaign and learn to refine and pitch their projects to a funder audience.


Apprentices benefit from the mentorship of one of the most experienced human rights lawyers in the world, while also developing the skills to work with autonomy.


Apprentices emerge from the process with knowledge, skills, experience and a better understanding of their “element” which helps define their career path.