Generation on Trial

Young people today have been handed a poisoned planet by the previous generations, socially, environmentally and economically. The first step towards undoing the damage is to understand how it came to pass, and hold the perpetrators accountable, even if only symbolically.

Last Updated: 13th January 2022

The Objective

3DC’s Generation on Trial project works with young people to identify who they believe is responsible for the biggest challenges they will face in their own lifetimes.  These prominent figures are then given a mock trial to understand the full facts behind where they went wrong, and where they had opportunities to avoid the catastrophes they created.


The aim of this campaign is not only to shine a light on big issues such as climate change, slavery, the Iraq War, tuition fees, immigration, Brexit and others, but is also to bring tangible benefits to those young people directly taking part.



Our young participants gain a significant breadth and depth of knowledge in the topic on trial and they develop an insight into the justice system and how a courtroom works.  They also learn research skills, debating skills, and gain confidence in presenting and public speaking.  Importantly, they develop a more rounded understanding of how some of these issues arose and have the opportunity to interrogate the facts themselves.

Richard Drax, MP, was the subject of the first mock trial.


Others proposed by Apprentices include:


Jim Ratcliffe – Climate Change

Prince Andrew – Abusing Benefits

Nigel Farage – Brexit

Tony Blair – Iraq War

Priti Patel – Immigration

Nick Clegg – Tuition Fees


See you in court!!

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