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Mohammed El Gharani, Patron

Mohammed el Gharani was one of the youngest prisoners in Guantánamo and was just 14 when he was seized in Karachi – 1000 km from Kabul, the closest he has ever been to a battlefield.

His story would be laughable were it not for the consequences: he spoke Saudi Arabic, where the word zalat means salad, but he was interrogated by the US with a translator from Yemen, where zalat means money.  The confusion over Mohammed’s description of all the vegetable stalls where he could get zalat in Karachi meant he was thought to be an al Qaida financier.

His was one of the few cases where a federal judge found the assertions against him risible, and he was finally released in 2009. Artist Laurie Anderson collaborated on a project called Habeas Corpus where Mohammed was beamed into the Armory in New York from West Africa. He is now married with children but is still facing the prejudicial impact of his imprisonment.