Mahvish Rukhsana

Mahvish Rukhsana is a Pashtun-American lawyers who now lives in London. In the early days of the Guantanamo Bay litigation, she employed her legal and language skills to help several Afghan prisoners, visiting the prison many times, and publishing her well-received memoir, My Guantanamo Diary: The Detainees and the Stories they Told me (Public Affairs, 2008). More recently she has rekindled this part of her work and has been instrumental in assisting several of the remaining 39 detainees to obtain clearance to go home. She is working on a book about Guantanamo on the Euphrates (the detention camps of North East Syria). When Samir Mansour’s bookshop in Gaza was destroyed in 2021, Mahvish teamed up with Clive Stafford Smith to launch a campaign to help rebuild it which has been very successful. This included organising for 150,000 donated books to be sent to Gaza to help stock the newly constructed shop. She is senior law and writing mentor for 3DC.