3DC is in the start-up phase and is supported by a small number of partners who are committed to ensuring that the next generation are equipped for the battles they will face in the fields of human rights, climate action and economic justice.  These include the University of Bristol, the Clinton Young Foundation, Humanade, Reprieve, Lush, Crowdfunder and Heart & Soul Films.

3DC’s work is also supported by commercial law firms in the UK and US working on a pro bono basis, including:


The disciplines covered by 3DC’s mentor pool include creative writing, environmental science, filmmaking, food, fundraising, finance, history, human rights, IT, journalism, law, performing arts and politics.

If you would like to mentor or volunteer with 3DC please get in touch.


3DC is supported by a number of dedicated volunteers, across a broad range of expertise, who give their time to assist us with our work

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