Mission and Vision

To open doors for the next generation of human rights and social justice advocates


Empowering the next generation to dedicate their lives to human rights and social justice advocacy, to right the wrongs they have inherited from past generations

Mission Statement

3DCentre aims to empower young people to confront the mistakes of past generations and act against injustice in the fields of human rights and social justice.

We do this through a 3Dimensional approach by engaging with young people and encouraging those who become 3DC apprentices to think beyond the 2 dimensional paradigm of ‘work’ and ‘leisure’ as they plan their lives.  We help them define their passion and to create a role for themselves that they delight in performing and that pays them a fair wage.

The 3DCentre encourages young people to embark on careers in the third sector, working with NGOs including charities, research institutes, social enterprises and community & voluntary organisations. Though typically ‘outsiders’, compared to private and public bodies, they can be intensely inspiring places to work, and have huge power to create change in the world because of their independence from both government and profit-seeking.

We offer 3Dimensional experiences; providing Career routes into human rights and social justice work, Campaigning for changes in law & policy and providing direct representation and Case work, advocating for individuals suffering injustices.

Issues of human rights violations, climate change and economic injustice can only be effectively addressed with reference to multiple dimensions such as powerprejudice and poverty.

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